Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My mind suddenly triggering and wondering why ....sumtimes ....our life won't flow or directed to what we had already planned.. may be for many peoples (n i also fully believe)..that they might be thinkin' of QADA' N QADAR (muslims)..yesss!! i it is true..everyone would agree..(my life itself)..would alwez have an upsides down..from a little things to a giant stuff..*chuckle*..i tink by going through all those thinggy.. i feel i become and born with a 'NEW' human values as it thought me a lot.. day after day.More stronger (mentally n emotionally)..and came out with a matured person as it reflected me in two dimensions...(negatively n positively)..LIFE IS UNFAIR maybe for those who r don't really understand what is the true meaning of life itself..n what i can say is..they never enjoy the opportunity or the chance a human being..i would say that we can't go away from problems or all those hardships..but what we can do is..PATIENCE IS THE 'ESCALATOR' OF LIFE...and try to find the best solution in order to break the chain of the dizziness..behind all those things..there will always the word 'WHY' it happened like that..why is this happen?why me?why ?why?why??...and the question would be prolong for some times if u don't stand in a real life and accept what had happened..saddness would accompany order to stay away from em..APPRECIATE THINGS AROUND US.. n...enjoy ur life to the fullest...insyaALLAH..everything will be fine..


hazwan elnino said...

that makes life more wonderful la fara..
just be patients and remember that you always have a wonderful people around you that always ready to help you wherever you in trouble ok..