Saturday, February 7, 2009


Why?why and why?I am the freak of the colour's maroon.Why is that so??*chuckle*..maybe this colour reflect as who I am..Glance of my eyes of that colour give me the feeling that I could never be express in words.It is not exactly an energy..but I fully believe that the 'aura' of the colour itself give some kinds of feeling that I hardly explain.For information,maroons are the descendants of runaway slave in the America.Maroon and white are also the traditional colors of County Galway, Ireland and are used by teams representing that County in GAA or other sporting organization matches.Maroon is the color of the Queensland state rugby leaague team. It also forms part of the colors of the Brisbane Broncos National Rugby League team. Maroon was officially proclaimed as Queensland's State color in 2003, giving effect to the tradition of using maroon to represent Queensland, in particular for sporting teams. Monstreal Maroons were a professional hockey club in Canada.My love to maroon would never change till the end...(poyopos..huuhu)..