Thursday, September 10, 2009

Specially to EMMA RAUF a.k.a ahli geologi of JELITAS association..;p
billion of thanks for the reddish n glittered bracelet..
frankly speaking..i appreciated it a lot..(maroon = red.. i guess so)
huhu..about the statement that u had stated in the card..
"i don't know whether this thing can compare with the
waffle you want"..
(pening2 lalat jap ne la nk
compare food ngn things..adosh!sah la food lg bez..)..there is no heart feeling at all..
i know..u tried ur best to find me one right??(jongos lak da)..
i'll wear it l8r after modifying session completed..
it is quite loose la..hehe..

terima kasih
sie' sie'
arigato guzaimasita